I understand that a dog is not just your pet, but also a member of your family. My training philosophy is simple:

“Training is about achieving balance. Balance between your needs and the needs of your dog. A balanced dog is well trained and effectively listens but is also a family member who we can cuddle up with at night and spoil.”

Dogs offer unconditional love, and in return, we owe it to them to offer safety, peace of mind, structure, and a way to effectively communicate with us. Every dog and owner is unique and my goal is to design a training program that matches your needs and lifestyle to your dog’s needs and style of learning.

I can strengthen the relationship you have with your dog by teaching you how to effectively communicate with your dog and become a respected pack leader. We’ll accomplish this together through the use of body language, voice controls, and positive reinforcement (reward based) techniques. Positive reinforcement ensures that you and your dog will build a long lasting relationship; one that is unconditionally loving but also civil and with you in control. At Pawfect Pups I do not advocate the use of techniques that cause pain or fear.