About Lara

My family has always had dogs, and from a young age I was always interested in caring for them. After graduating from my undergrad at Virginia Tech, I took a job in software client services, all the while knowing my true passion was dogs.

IMG_3799I adopted my first dog, Jameson, after graduating from college, and my passion for training was ignited through him. Jameson continues to help teach me every day, and I’m so grateful I have him as my teacher! Before I became a dog trainer, I didn’t know much about why Jameson did some of the wacky things he did, like bark at delivery trucks and chase anything that moves quickly (like kids on bikes!). We have worked through so much, and he’s taught me so much about the training process.

When I finally made up my mind to pursue my passion, I quit my job and moved to Texas, where I took an intensive training course to learn about professional dog training. I was able to strengthen my relationship with Jameson (the brindle boy on the left), and I also had the opportunity to train a rescue dog from scratch (the pretty little dalmatian), who I adopted upon finishing my program. Both dogs continue to teach me every day!

I believe dogs need three main things to live a fulfilled life: physical exercise, mental stimulation, and clear communication. I will work with you to help you form a lasting relationship with your dog through clear communication, so you can enjoy each other to the fullest.

While building this relationship, we will teach you and your dog about mutual respect, while solidifying your spot as the leader of your pack. It is my belief that we should always be fair, clear, and positive with our dogs in order for them to learn what we expect from them. I will help you achieve this clarity!