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Washingtonian-Top-Dog-Trainers-image2The Northern Virginia and greater DC area is a fantastic place to own a dog.  There are amazing dog parks, hiking trails, dog friendly stores and restaurants and tons of great swimming holes for fido to cool off in on those hot summer days!  These great activities are more fun for you and everyone sharing these activities if you have a well-trained dog!  Dogs who learn proper manners live happier and more fulfilling lives, and so do their owners.  Well mannered canines can be more comfortably included in family activities, go on outings, make canine friends and most importantly have fun!  The time spent with your canine best friend should be rewarding, relaxing and fun for both of you!

I am dedicated to:

1.Improving the lives of dogs and their owners.

2.Helping people learn how to teach their animals humanely.

3.Preventing returns and abandonment of animals to shelters.

About Shera

Dogs and horses have been my passion since I was a child. I wanted to pet every dog that I saw from my stroller, I only played with dog and horse stuffed animals, and my favorite books were ones about dogs or horses. I was destined to work with animals.

While growing up in Fairfax, VA, I started riding horses in kindergarten, and rescued my first dog when I was 11. Clancy was a beautiful Dalmatian and he was the first dog I trained. I taught him a routine of tricks and we would perform them for all of the other children in the neighborhood. After college, while living in NYC, I fostered an English Pointer/Pitbull mix named Kobie. He was on death row at a local shelter because of the overcrowding conditions. I swooped in there and got him out, taught him basic obedience and then adopted him out to a wonderful family in New Jersey. A few months later, while engaged (to my now husband, Danny) we adopted a 9 month old Weimaraner/Chocolate Labrador mix named Breck from a shelter in Pennsylvania. Due to neglect as a puppy, Breck suffered from severe separation anxiety and had a laundry list of other issues when we adopted him.

Now 4 years later Breck’s wonderful behavior and calm demeanor make people doubt that he was ever a dog with “issues.” He is relaxed, attentive, extremely loyal and his big green eyes can melt anyone’s heart. Our favorite activities are playing in the local dog parks, hiking, swimming, eating at the local restaurants and of course shopping! Breck loves all of the attention he gets during a shopping trip to his favorite store, Bloomingdales! He is my trusty training assistant (and usually the better trainer between the two of us!). Danny, Breck, and I recently made the move from NYC back to the DC Metro area (we now live in Arlington, VA) and we couldn’t be happier to be back!

I am an Animal Behavior College certified dog trainer, a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals.  I completed my undergraduate degree at Syracuse University with a major in psychology. After working five years in corporate America, I decided it was time to pursue my passion for working with dogs and started Pawfect Pups in the fall of 2011.

I (and Breck) look forward to working with you soon and helping your dog become a “Pawfect Pup!”



I understand that a dog is not just your pet, but also a member of your family. My training philosophy is simple:

“Training is about achieving balance. Balance between your needs and the needs of your dog. A balanced dog is well trained and effectively listens but is also a family member who we can cuddle up with at night and spoil.”

Dogs offer unconditional love, and in return, we owe it to them to offer safety, peace of mind, structure, and a way to effectively communicate with us. Every dog and owner is unique and my goal is to design a training program that matches your needs and lifestyle to your dog’s needs and style of learning.

I can strengthen the relationship you have with your dog by teaching you how to effectively communicate with your dog and become a respected pack leader. We’ll accomplish this together through the use of body language, voice controls, and positive reinforcement (reward based) techniques. Positive reinforcement ensures that you and your dog will build a long lasting relationship; one that is unconditionally loving but also civil and with you in control. At Pawfect Pups I do not advocate the use of techniques that cause pain or fear.

Training & Boarding

Personalized private training sessions are customized to meet the needs of you and your dog. They are scheduled at your convenience, allowing you to select the dates and times of the sessions.

They take place in the comfort of your home, eliminating the stresses on your dog of a new location and traveling. There are no behavior problems that are too big or too small!

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$ Info
Initial Consultation $175 1.5 hours
Individual Sessions $135 1 hour
6 Session Package $850 Includes a 90 minute initial consultation plus
a training collar, training leash, and treat pouch